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We look after the whole spectrum of eye diseases; Among them, glaucoma (green star) is one of our main focuses. Eye problems in adults and children are treated equally carefully and competently.

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Glaucoma / Green Star

Glaucoma with increased intraocular pressure
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Glaucoma (glaucoma) is a pathological increase in intraocular pressure. This slowly damages the optic nerve. There are various forms of glaucoma and various causes of eye pressure increase. Sometimes the pressure stays in the normal range for a longer time while the disease and the optic nerve damage progress in the background.

Glaucoma often runs without symptoms. If the sufferer himself notices a vision deterioration or a narrowing of the visual field, it can be very late and the damage very advanced. For this reason, the glaucoma group of the Swiss ophthalmologists recommends prophylactic examinations from the age of 40 in order to exclude or diagnose onset of glaucoma (glaucoma) or an increased individual glaucoma risk. Early detection is the best prophylaxis for glaucoma. An early discovered glaucoma can be treated and controlled well today, an advanced one not or much, much more difficult. In contrast to the common opinion one can perform an operation in the green star, in order to reduce the eye pressure and to influence the course of illness favorably.

Cataract / cataract

Cataract = opacity of the eye lens
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The opacity of the eye lens (cataract, cataract) is usually an old-age appearance and should be treated well with surgery. When cataracts, the visual acuity worsens gradually, you need more and more light to read, driving in the evening becomes a little more difficult, the colors lose their strength, especially at dusk. In many cases, the change in the lens happens over the years and you learn to cope with everyday life with a reduced visual acuity. During the examination, the measured values ​​are lower than before and the ophthalmologist sees the lens opacity clearly on the slit lamp. During surgery, the cloudy lens is replaced with a clear artificial lens and the vision improves again. Depending on the case (high myopia, high hyperopia), the dependence on glasses becomes smaller.

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Ophthalmologist FMH, spec. eye surgery

Ophthalmologist FMH, spec. eye surgery

Ophthalmologist FMH, spec. eye surgery

Ophthalmologist FMH, spec. eye surgery